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Escape Room Review: Escaping The Speakeasy at 21 Keys in Colorado Springs, CO

As an avid escaper, I'm always on the lookout for thrilling and immersive experiences. This blog explores The Speakeasy at 21 Keys in Colorado Springs, CO. This was our second room ever, and we were eager to dive into this challenge. Let me take you through our experience as we were transported back in time and worked together to unlock the secrets of this remarkable speakeasy. I’ll provide you with a room description taken from

"Gambling… drinking… laundering (was it money? or just dirty socks?)… nobody knows more about Five-Minute Freddie’s Speakeasy than his bookie.

Sources say his ledger contains enough information to bring down the Manitou Mafia, notorious for…

Wait! Isn’t that what the Captain was mumbling about when you slipped out for more coffee?

Freddie and his henchmen return in an hour. Can you assemble a team, recover the ledger, and escape in time?"

Immersive Ambiance:

From the moment we set foot in 21 Keys, we were taken away by the attention to detail and the authentic atmosphere. The Speakeasy room immediately transported us to the prohibition era, with its dim lighting, casino tables, and muffled background music. The immersive ambiance was so convincing that we really felt like we were in a speakeasy.

Perfect for Beginners:

As an escape room novice at the time, I was pleased to discover that The Speakeasy was perfect for beginners. The puzzles and challenges were well-designed, providing just the right level of difficulty without feeling overwhelming (the website rates this 2 out of 5 for difficulty). The room offered a great balance of logical thinking, observational skills, and teamwork, making it ideal for both beginners and experts!

Thrilling, Not Scary:

One aspect that appealed to me was the story’s thrilling nature without scary elements. The Speakeasy was filled with suspense and excitement as we raced against the clock, figuring out puzzles. The immersive ambiance heightened tension, without feeling like a horror room. This made it accessible to a wider range of participants, including families!

The Puzzle Journey:

Without giving away too much, I can say that The Speakeasy offered a good range of puzzles and challenges. Each puzzle made sense and flowed with the story, taking us further in the story of the speakeasy. The puzzles themselves were well thought out and well designed.


We successfully escaped The Speakeasy within 60 minutes. The excitement felt upon solving the final puzzle and unlocking the door was a great sense of accomplishment!


Our second escape room adventure at 21 Keys was an all-around fun time. The Speakeasy, while relatively easy, was an immersive and entertaining experience that catered to beginners – but worked for experts as well! The attention to detail in the room's design, coupled with the era-appropriate décor and feeling, transported us back to the 1940s speakeasy scene. The absence of scary elements made it accessible to a wider audience, allowing everyone to enjoy the escape. If you're in search of an escape room that balances nostalgia, excitement, and teamwork, I recommend giving The Speakeasy at 21 Keys a try. It's an experience you likely won’t forget.

Escape Room Review The Speakeasy

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