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Exploring Colorado's Escape Rooms

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Welcome, fellow escape room enthusiasts (or beginners!), to my escape room review website! If you're a fan of the challenge and thrill escape rooms bring to you, you are in the right place! Join me on a journey through the captivating world of escape rooms in our beautiful state of Colorado.

About Me: My name is Kassandra. What makes me qualified to review escape rooms? Well, to start my husband and I have completed a total of 76 escape rooms in Colorado. Throughout these room, we have spent countless hours deciphering codes and riddles and solving mysteries, we have immersed ourselves in the world of escape rooms. We completed our first room together in January 2020 and have since become addicted. Colorado’s offering of escape rooms has grown over the last few years and has become more and more diverse. From Colorado Springs to Denver, I have done them (almost) all!

Why Escape Rooms? There's something special and unique about escape rooms; whether you escape or not. The atmosphere that transports you to different worlds or time periods and tests your cleverness and ability to think outside the box is what I find exhilarating. From Speakeasies to asylums, haunted houses to casino heists, each room presents it’s own challenge. Whether you're a seasoned escape artist like myself or a newbie who wants to try their first room, these experiences almost guarantee you a thrilling 60 minutes!

What to Expect: On my website, you can look to find detailed and unbiased reviews of each escape room I have attempted. When someone asks my plans for the weekend, and I tell them I am doing an escape room, I usually get the response “I want to try one of those! How are they?!” I’ve gotten that response so much, that I thought to start this blog! That way, newbies or even people looking to find an escape room that they would enjoy the most, can come to my blog and read for themselves about the different rooms; all without giving away the puzzles! I’ll rate the room's design, puzzles, immersion factor, and the quality of the overall experience of each room. I’ll answer the questions I receive from friends and family such as:

Escape Room Review Team Photo

1. Is the room family friendly?

2. Is the room scary?

3. Is it hard?

4. Is it good for beginners?

5. Was it clean?

6. How was it fun?

7. Did you escape?

Are you ready to let me be your key to Colorado’s escape rooms and help you unlock the experience?

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